The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
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Although every reader is different -- I have readers who never re-read anything. That's so interesting to me, because if I like a book once, it's guaranteed that I will read it several times. Same with audio. At least, I think so!

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Where was that thought coming from? I did love Perry Foster, the sweet, asthmatic, but strong-willed young MC. I enjoyed jumping from one character to another and creating that sense of chaos. Write your review. Share this Book.

I always reread and re-listen to books that I enjoy. Revisiting a book is always a good thing!!!

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I will definitely listen to Yellow Socks over and over again. It was a fun story and Max's narration makes it one of the best.

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That makes me very happy! I like the idea the books are being enjoyed over and over. Tell us a little bit about your background. How many audio books have you narrated? I have been performing since I started in boy's choirs when I was 6. In college I studied classical voice which ended up leading me to NYC where I fell into musical theater. After several Broadway and off-Broadway shows I decided that it was time to follow my true passion, animation.

So a year ago I moved to Los Angeles to become a voice actor for cartoons. I had a friend, Pat Fraley, tell me about audiobook narration and how the long form acting it requires can really go a long way to improving every aspect of voice acting so I decided to give it a shot. In the last year I've done about a dozen audiobooks, two of which have been for you. It's all acting. Anyone can read, not everyone can bring characters to life and tell a story.

If it were just reading, then we'd gladly listen to Siri read audiobooks. Definitely creating a mood. I have a young voice and sometimes it's a little difficult to create the darker characters or scenes without making my voice sound like I'm pushing too hard.

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks Series

Irania Briggs. I enjoy reading female characters paging Dr. Freud , especially when they are sexy and seductive…..

And while she doesn't involve herself in romantic seduction in this book, I still feel like she oozes it. Septimus Marx. The voice I heard in his head was something I couldn't produce so it was always frustrating to have to listen to myself reading the role. I enjoyed reading the final battle scenes. They were just so well written I was able to breeze through them and my mind was totally engaged. I would say keeping all of the characters straight. Well worth it I hope. Though I tried not to go overboard on the voice. Nick Reno. I really enjoyed, and thought I read well, the early scenes where the entire household is milling around after Perry comes downstairs freaking out about the dead man in the bathtub.

I enjoyed jumping from one character to another and creating that sense of chaos.

Yellow Socks

I find it very awkward because I don't see myself as having a sexy voice whatsoever. That said, I make them into a bit of a game, seeing how sexy I can be, and it's rather fun. Getting to see the title go live on Audible. It really depends on the book and how well written it is. If it's well written, as yours are, then I tend to get attached to the characters and care what happens to them. Sometimes, I read real drivel and couldn't care less if the characters live or die.

Brutal, but there it is.

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On my website, www. I have, not only information about my audiobooks but also clips of my animation that I've created and those that I've worked on for others, info on upcoming concerts I have, yada yada yada.

Labels: ACX , audio books , male male , max miller , the darkling thrush , the ghost wore yellow socks. Susan July 12, at AM. Josh Lanyon July 12, at AM. KC July 12, at AM. Josh Lanyon July 13, at AM. KC July 13, at AM. Cynthia H.

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July 12, at AM. Nora Waye July 12, at PM. I am so pleased you continue to have these. Just as knowing something about you enhances the reading experience of your stories, so too does learning a little about each narrator increase the enjoyment of listening to them.

Max sounds like someone with a wonderful sense of humor and fun to work with.

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Thank you, Susan. I'm afraid I'm running out of narrators now! I need more audio books made. Maybe you could interview Chris Patton after every AE? And YES, definitely more audiobooks!!! I'm all over the place answering these comments, aren't I? I want to blame it on Blogger, but it's probably me. I love these interviews! Thank you, Josh! I could listen to it over and over and never ever get tired of the story or the narration. Narration-wise, I especially enjoyed the fact that one can easily tell apart and keep track of the characters. And i think Max did a great job with Nick's voice. I think it would be great to see what Chris thinks by the end of the series.

Good idea. Josh, thanks for the interview with Max. Thank you, Cynthia. Max was one of my first narrators, so I was hugely relieved when the books turned out so well. I think the variety of accents in The Darkling Thrush is just brilliant. Thank you so much for interviewing Max Miller. Could be a lot of fun "watching" the two of them dealing with all the trouble Adrien and Perry fall in to. Perry loves mysteries, he might get a part time job in Adrien's book store.

I see so very many possibilities there! He does have a rather young voice, but neither of the pair is that old. He and Patton are my two favorite narrators and both do a great job bringing your fabulous books to audio life. Both have that ability to perform the story without taking it over. That's very, very important. The characters come through and the narrator doesn't dominate the story.