The Eighth Scroll

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Stirring the flames of age-old controversies, The Eighth Scroll by Laurence B. Brown draws on the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A graduate of Cornell University, Brown University Medical The Eighth Scroll - Kindle edition by Dr. Laurence B. Brown.

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The Eighth Scroll

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The Eighth Scroll Laurence B. It mixes romance with adventure and explores the mysteries of religious history. It's not deeply reflective, but takes the reader on an alternative view and journey that leaves you wondering. It's a wonderful twist on the subject of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Eighth Scroll (part 1 of 2)

Although this book has been grouped with the 'Da Vinci Code,' I believe it de The Eighth Scroll is an intelligent story that flows smoothly and reads quick without losing the value of its concept with weighty terms or overly academic hodgepodge. Although this book has been grouped with the 'Da Vinci Code,' I believe it deserves much better company. First of all, the Eighth Scroll is superbly written and runs a course that is more easy to swallow than Dan Brown's hour whirl wind of solving a historical mystery.

If you didn't like the Da Vinci Code, you will love this book because it improves all the elements that the reader probably wished the other book contained. Now, if you liked the Da Vinci Code, you will love this book and realize this is how it should be done! It's a win, win, so pick it up and read it!


The beginning of the book is a touch too reminiscent of Indiana Jones, but since I'm a fan of those films, I went with it, and even enjoyed the comparison. However, I wish the author would have used a different name for the professor. However, this was short-lived and after a few pages I was swept away and thoroughly involved in the story. Jul 22, Audrey rated it it was amazing. What if the missing and final text of the Dead Sea Scrolls was found today?

It's believed that this final message would confirm or denounce religious beliefs and practices for the entire world, so it stands to reason that some organizations and powers would put up a battle surpassing all others. Laurence B. Brown's novel, The Eighth Scroll, creates that scenario and the result is a provocative and thrilling fictional account of the chaos that might ensue if the final scroll in the Dead Sea puzzl What if the missing and final text of the Dead Sea Scrolls was found today?

Brown's novel, The Eighth Scroll, creates that scenario and the result is a provocative and thrilling fictional account of the chaos that might ensue if the final scroll in the Dead Sea puzzle was found. Brown's story is based on the premise that a Roman Catholic scholar who's working on the Dead Sea Scroll Project hides one of the scrolls because of its heretical message. Time goes by, and years later a prominent archeologist on an archeological dig finds a mysterious reference to the hidden scroll. Thus begins the search and before it's over, some will die and some will disappear.

.: The Eighth Scroll :.

World-famous theologian and Brown's main character, Michael Hansen, knows that if The Eighth Scroll is revealed, the devastating information inside could cause a religious upheaval such as the world has never known. Now that he possesses important clues to the scroll's location, he's out to find it. Michael has already lost his archaeologist father and the only woman he'd ever loved because of the scroll and now he's fleeing the Mossad, the CIA, and the Italian Mafia - the secret weapon of the Vatican.

When he does find The Eighth Scroll, Michael knows it will be as devastating as predicted if exposed - but Michael must expose it and do so before his enemies find and eradicate him. Brown creates a believable scenario of what could happen today if such a discovery was revealed.

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In the manner of The Da Vinci Code, Michael Hansen unlocks one puzzle after another and finds himself in the middle of a war that has already left several dead and others mysteriously silent. If The Eighth Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls was actually discovered, its existence might very well shake religion as we know it to the bones - especially if it turned out to be the true gospel of Jesus or James - an actual historical document that would validate Jesus as a prophet.

Judaism's very existence might be looked upon as invalid, while orthodox Christianity might receive a jolt from which they'd never recover. The Eighth Scroll will take you far back to ancient times and the history of Nero burning Rome. You'll also learn about the struggles of certain religions to keep certain information silent and the lengths they went to ensure their agendas are safe.

Brown combines history with powerful plot, characters and today's reality to create the perfect read for those who enjoy thrillers, mysteries and suspense. Jun 16, Rand rated it it was amazing. This is a DaVinci code style religious thriller that ties the Abrahamic faiths together, and ultimately, casts Islam in a positive light. I highly recommend this book and personally hope it will be promoted and receive some attention.

It does start out a little gory, but then improves. I hope you will not only read it, but talk about it and encourage others to read it too. Jan 22, David rated it it was amazing. Great Book by Dr. Brown, an action filled fiction that should be converted into a movie. This has a bunch of Musim characters who actually are good people :.

Apr 28, L. Archaeological findings often bring the dead back to life and in many cases the truth to light as well. When Dr. Gerald Hanson receives an early morning phone call from one of his colleagues, Frank Tones, urging him to make haste to an old dig on Nubia, Hansen is immediately intrigued. Frank was known to have done some questionable things, but he is always able to find unexpected treasures during his excavations.

He has been raised on archaeology digs, and is comfortable with them, but he does not like or trust Frank. After his mother death a few years previous, he has turned more towards religion, and his relationship with his father has strengthened. Witty and jovial, they make their way to Nubia, only to find themselves in a land devoid of luxuries.

When they reach the camp, they find an unexpected visitor. Mardle, Director of Archaeology and Anthropology for Oxford is also there. A comrade and close friend to Frank he is visiting for a game of chess. Frank assures Gerald that the information he has will not be shared with Mardle, but when an argument ensues a bit later, Frank refuses to even talk to Gerald until morning.

For Gerald and his son, it is an eventful morning. Frank Tones is found dead of an apparent snake bite, but there are questions. Could it be murder? The cabbie that drove Gerald and Michael from the airport is dead in an apparent overdose.

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In addition, Gerald feels as though they are being followed. Called in to put together Frank papers for transport, Gerald discovers part of the secret Frank was planning to share. It deals with a religious secret that has been missing for thousands of years. However, he must leave it all behind; he cannot put Michael in further danger.