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The Writing Center was moved to a new room in the library this year, which allowed for additional space for group meetings. Sarah Moser, Laura Somerville. Julie Putnam. President Leo ambert talks to one of many orienta- on groups. After breakfast we finished last minute preparations. The chaos and commotion of families unloading didn't begin until a. From then on, the day was a blur, and before I knew it, the parking lot went from being fidl of people and luggage to a feic cars parked at the back of the lot.

Overall, the only problem of the day was ichen I found random rooms with wet floors.

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TIk parents were upset but the students remained collected. I felt horrible. All I could do was smile and say, 'I'll get that fixed right away.

follow site The students were ivrxj energetic in my area social. Their energy makes the early mornings and late nights from the last week of training well worth if.

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I have to go to bed because the area social ran extremely late. Tomorroxv, I meet loith my group again, and I need to remember to take the koush balls for more name games. Victoria, returned to campus early to prepare for move-in day on August 24th. Some members of the head statf returned as early as August 2nd. To prepare for the trcshmcn and transfer students.

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Orientation Leaders participated in team building exercises, facilitation activities and problem-solving tactics to prepare for orientation informational sessions. Along with Orientation Leaders there was the O-Team. Members of the O-Team helped students and parents unload vehicles and move all of their belongings into their new home for the next nine months.

Although enthusiasm was the primary focus of orientation week, Orientation Leaders focused on preparing the 1 , new students for a successfol school year. In McKinnon Hall younger siblings of students take time to participate in fun activities while their parents and older siblings attend New Student Convoca- tion. The cheer- leading squad and Orientation Leaders were on hand to help with the activi- ties planned. Masscv Gather Around! During an orientation session, one group takes time to enjoy the outdoors and the gazebo located next to Alamance. Taking shelter from the thunder storm, students accessorize their new dorm rooms with puft-painted door greetings.

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The Elon Extravaganza gave students the opportunit ' to taste food from local establishments, salsa dance, sing karaoke, have carica- tures made and get airbrushed, temporary tattoos. Climb on. All of us were totally dedicated to the prograni and helping the class of ," - Sarah DeBock "I was surprised hov easy it was to make, friends here as early as move-in day.

We aU just seem to get along so well," -Carlie Devaney "Move-in went smoothly and ori- entation helped me meet a lot of people in the same boat as me," - Liz Jay "Move-in day was a great experience! The rush of meeting your roommate and decorat- ing your four cement walls was incredible.

Thanks to all those who climbed three flights at HBB with me! It made me feel as if we were coming. New student Convocation Under the Oaks is a 1 idition that every Elon freshmen expereicens.


Hugo Winning Novelist's First and Only Collection! Frank Riley won the Hugo Award for the Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year in for They'd Rather Be . Products 1 - 10 everyone and every device. You can download and read online PROJECT HI- PSI & Other SF. Classics file PDF Book only if you are registered.

As students filed into their seats, preparing themselves for their first formal Elon event, the looks on their faces seemed to give away what they were thinking, and their feelings of anxiety and anticipation. Some had huge smiles because this day marked the beginning ot their independent Hfe. Others had hopeful glances as they craned icir necks to catch a glimpse of their parents seated behind icm. The nervous small talk was drowned out as the notes of the alma mater began to fill the air and a sea of nameless profes- sors processed to their seats.

Patrick Davis said, "As an educa- tion major, it was quite inspiring to see them walk by because I could picture myself being in their shoes someday. At the end of the ceremony, as the students recieved their acorn, they became planted in their new home at Elon and the roots of their future began to take shape. Gustafson encouraged students to get involved on campus and to meet new people. Acorns Anyone? Freshman Convocation was the tirst event that incorporated the whole freshman class.

Students put their acorns in a variety of places after they received them at Convocation. The acorn symbolized the start of each student's four years at Elon. Educational Leaders During Freshman Convocation faculty proceed to their seats. Elon faculty played a key role in Convocation; the class of proceeded through the faculty at the end of the cer- emony to receive their acorns.

I Convocation was important to me because of the symbol- ism of the ceremony itself We processed from our parents iJ- through the faculty to receive I our acorns. The acorns sym- I bolize our birth into the Elon f family. It was the first time our whole year was together, and receiving our acorn was a creative way to start our time at Elon.

Sarah Moser. While North Carolina residents were boarding up their houses, stocking up on groceries, and preparing tor the worst, students received emails from the Dean of Students Smith Jackson that Family Weekend would go on as planned. After only one day ot rain and wind, the skies opened up to reveal beautiful weather tor Family Weekend. While the weather was beautiful at Elon, other states and areas were dealing with the storms brought by Isabel.

This resulted in some families not being able to attend the weekend's events with students. I really wanted to see them and it made me nenmiis that they were driving through the hurricane," says Lauren. The 3UUU t'aniilies and friends who were able to travel to campus for Family Weekend were met by beautiful weather and a weekend full of planned events.

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These activities not only gave students and parents opportunities to spend time together, they also helped to give parents a glimpse of student lite. Mmi classes were held and parents could even meet professors. One of the major events held on campus was the football game. Fans cheered the Phoenix on against Johnson C.

Smith University. The Phoenix were victorious with a score of. Despite the bad weather and power outages along the coast, many were able to enjoy the planned festivities.

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Noele, Tracey and Miles Goldsby have lunch together. The Family Week- end lunch gave parents and students an opportuintv' to experience some of the activities Elon has on game days. There were a variety of activities in the Zone including crafts, board games, and pool to help keep siblings of Elon students busv. During Family Weekend younger siblings could stay in The Zone and play games while parents and older siblings participated in various activities.

The picnic gave students and parents a time to catch up and to meet new people. The break in the niorning routine gives many a jump start to their day as they take time to relax hv Fonville Fountain. Ancient Donation Trustee Emeritus Royall Spence '42 converses with members of the communm- after the Chapel service held on November 13th. We can talk about anything, and laugh and cry all within an hour.

This jyear. I find it to be a lot offiin when I get to talk to my professors outside of class when they lire your friends. My friends and I all go and sit by the fountain in tlie beautiful weather and enjoy the time together. I think this icas a great hicii of El on to incorporate teaclier and student relationships ivith.