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Jet Turbulence: IndiGo poaches over 100 pilots

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The IndiGo Story is a fascinating analysis of the manner in which an unknown entity entered the perilous Indian sky and became its undisputed leader both in terms of market share and profitability. Going into great detail and with a deep understanding of the airline industry, the author uncovers little-known facts about how the airline displaced old players and new competitors and proved the doomsday predictors wrong in double-quick time. So what was the magic IndiGo wielded?

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What was the secret mantra of their success? How did they get it right when most failed or struggled? Uncover all this and much more in this captivating book. Compilation of stats and facts. Fleeting reference to primary research.

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Author worships indigo and founders most of the time. This book has an amazing start for anyone interested in the history of aviation. I expected more about what decisions the Founders took to step up the game and what their thought process was. Instead this came across as more of a compilation of news articles and milestone moments which was fun too.

This book is not just about Indigo, but starts with global history of aviation followed by Indian history of aviation, before finally unfolding the Indigo story. While there is a lot of research that has obviously gone into it, I was hoping to get more insights into Indigo par se. The narration could be better! Disappointing to listen to this, audible should have better standards.

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No depth, unique insights or anything original. No Indigo story about how the promoters got together, nothing about diff personalities involved - a two dimensional cut out. Indian aviation has such interesting stories and personalities. The politics, interesting financial strategies and tactics employed. I do not recommend this book at all. The book not only gives detailed views of aviation industry but also covers intricacies of running the airline business.

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The first experiments with indigo, by planters including Eliza Lucas, took root in low-country rice plantations, on patches of high ground unsuitable for rice. Learn the elements in creating an indigo vat as participants make one together as a group. Create Account. The news soon spread, through the school and lastly to my parents and siblings. Shopping Cart:. We have no paintings or drawings from life, no detailed descriptions. But Hall, who has a Ph.

The learnings of the book can be taken to other segment as well. Good read for entrepreneurs from scale and mitigation of external threat point of view.

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